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As part of our continued growth in the Fast Moving Consumer Goods Sector (FMCGS), we have leveraged our Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and Direct Store Delivery (DSD) Platforms to provide our clients the information needed to make the best category decisions. Data is power and from proof of service to sales progress reports and full in-store inventory capture, we have a comprehensive system that can support your data needs.

With Scan Based Trading (SBT) and full Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) compliance, whether you represent an independent fuel retailer or are a large chain, with EDI requirements our delivery and ERP system will support your business and provide you with the necessary reporting, audit trail and sales data that you need to make real time decisions.

Using Technology – Client Benefits

Enterprise Powered Route Management System for FMCG Clients

eRMS™ Software Interfaces:

  • ERP
  • Mobility
  • Business Intelligence
  • Routing
  • Fleet Management
  • GDSN Item Synchronization and EDI Compliance

Using Technology – Client Benefits

Client Benefits:

  • Route Scheduling: Facilitates optimal scheduling of routes and customer service
  • Pricing: Pricing allows the enterprise to manage complicated pricing structures efficiently
  • Promotions: eRMS allows the enterprise to tightly measure and control promotional activity
  • Route Balancing & Load Balancing: Establishes optimum volume of orders by route
  • Recap and Settlement: Allowing for Seamless Retailer Experience
  • DEX and EDI Compliant

Consolidation and Reporting:

  • Excellent Chain Accounting and Analysis Reporting
  • By Store Sales, Returns, Promotions, Trends and exceptions based on selected criteria
  • Mobility Platform allowing for efficient store servicing, record retention and proof of servicing