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Managing your Non-Food merchandise from Rack-to-Register

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Execution & Merchandising

Execution & Merchandising

Elite's Professional Sales & Marketing Team has Over 50 Years Combined Industry Experience. We provide a world class Product Development team that provides:

Turn Key Warehouse & Distribution First In Class Quick Response Customer Service Team A Direct-Store-Delivery (DSD) fleet that operates across the country In store merchandising team that optimizes in store sales

Distribution Model

Distribution Model

Elite has established a broad national distribution channel with a number of strategically located logistics hubs and warehouse across the country. Elite provides a Direct-Store-Delivery (DSD) network that are made up entirely of salaried employees who report directly to headquarters-- no middle men. This approach helps your stores keep your hard-to-manage non-food & high margin categories fully stocked and merchandised with the most up-to-date items.

Elite also provides Direct-Store-Shipments (DSS). DSS provides an option for your management team to cherry pick items from Elite without committing to a full DSD program. Have your fast-moving items shipped via FedEx to your individual store locations.

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