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  • QDo I get a warranty on your products?
  • AWe provide a lifetime limited warranty on our products.
  • QIs there a time limit to return my phone accessories?
  • AWe provide a lifetime limited customer return program for a 100% customer satisfaction.
  • QWhich charging cable should I get for my new iPhone?
  • AWe provide charging & sync cable that is compatible with Newer AppleĀ® Devices with lightning or iPhone 4 connector.
  • QCan I get this cable in colors to match with my iPhone?
  • AWe provide charging & sync cable in various colors - Please contact one of our retailers or feel free to call our customer service center at 1-877-390-2502 for more information.
  • QAre your cables compatible with all of the latest smart phone devices and tablets?
  • AAll of our cables are smart phone and tablet compatible and will contain the Made For Smartphone Symbol.
  • QIs this cable certified to use with my iPhone?
  • AWe have a variety product that is both iPhone compatible and MFI Certified. 
  • QIs your power bank compatible with my Samsung phone?
  • AOur instant power bank is compatible with Apple, Samsung and most smart devices.
  • QWhat do I get along with the power bank?
  • ACustomers get instant power bank with key chain, USB/charge cable and user manual.
  • QHow much emergency power does the power bank have?
  • AOur power bank provides 180 hours of emergency power.
  • QWhat are the qualities of your glass screen protector?
  • AIt is anti-scratching and anti-shattering. It is also easy to apply and offers clear visibility.
  • QFor which phones, I can use your glass screen protector?
  • AThe glass screen protector fits iPhone 5S, iPhone 6 & 6+, Galaxy 5 and 6.
  • QWhat is the power compatibility of your car charger?
  • AOur universal USB car and home chargers has 2200mAh power compatibility.
  • QDoes your LED Flashlights glow in dark?
  • AYes, we offer LED flashlights with glow in the dark styles in different colors. They are also super bright, energy efficient, and waterproof.
  • QIs your mint dispenser refillable?
  • AYes, our mint dispenser is refillable. It can be filled with peppermint and cinnamon flavors.
  • QWhat are the qualities of your lighter?
  • AOur pyro lighter has a child resistant design with electronic ignition and adjustable flame.
  • QIs your wireless Bluetooth speaker waterproof?
  • AYes, our wireless Bluetooth speaker is waterproof.

FAQ Distributors

  • QDo you provide your services throughout the country?
  • AElite Cellular Accessories is a national company, able to handle full distribution and servicing inquiries in contiguous United States. 
  • QWhat are your most popular products?
  • AWe have a long list of popular products and fixtures for the cellular phone accessories and novelty electronics categories. 
  • QWhat sort of packaging methods do you use?
  • AWe use high quality reverse clam shell packaging to ensure product integrity, with clean design for a strong call to action for strong POS activity.
  • QDo you provide products that meet with OEM specifications?
  • AYes, all of our products are designed and built in strict compliance to OEM requirements. We ensure clean design and quality manufacturing to be certain about the safety and performance of our products.
  • QWhat kind of POS merchandising options you provide?
  • AWe provide a variety of POS merchandising options that can include floor displays, power panels, clip strip programs, etc.
  • QDo your programs include inventory buy back and allowances?
  • AWe have a variety of programs and solutions that can include inventory buy back and allowances. Please contact an Elite Cellular Territory Representative at 1-877-390-2502.
  • QDo you offer Wholesale Programs?
  • ABased on geography and volume of engagement. 
  • QWhat is your contract commitment?
  • AWe offer (1), (2) and (3) Year Contracts. Slotting fees and allowances are subject to certain terms and conditions.
  • QWhat is your preferred method of doing business?
  • AOur specialty is to provide value added resources to your Cellular Phone Accessory Category. Customized manufacturing, merchandising and in-store servicing. Whether a Distributor or Retailer, we guarantee that our products and services will add Gross Profit Dollars to your program. Our programs offer a variety of terms and relationships and we look forward to collaborating with your team.